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                                Commissioned for HRH The Duchess of Cambridge
                                         Commissioned for The Princess of Thailand
                                                    His Holiness the Dalai Lama  
                                                     Hello Magazine - Front Page
                                                        Harpers Bazaar - Appearance
                Dave Clark, Rick Huxley and Lenny Davidson from the Dave Clark Five
                                      Mike Hewitson personal valet to Sir Elton John
                                     Dont Tell The Bride BBC3 Andrew and Amanda
                                                     Jade Goody & Jeff Brazier

                                The Royal Highness's The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

On the 16th of September 2016 I considered myself to have been very lucky to have taken part in a Royal occasion, an absolutely wonderful experience for any florist, I must thank everyone that made this happen for me, the biggest thank you must of course go to a very special lady, Sarah.

One of the biggest high lights of the week and to finish off an amazing time and weeks of secrets kept, thank you to Hello magazine with the front cover with more inside. 

Thinking that it was all over but still very much on a high, I then receive another wonderful surprise an invitation to attend with my husband an evening with HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, for drinks and canapes a truly amazing evening, what a lucky lady I am. 

Thank you Sarah from Place2Be and Heads Together and of course to my very special granddaughter who is photographed with the bouquet, making her special memories for her to keep forever, she helped me to deliver the flowers with my lovely husband, still floating on cloud nine.


               One of the most amazing days I have ever had  as a florist, thank you so much xxxxx


                                                       BBC3 Dont Tell The Bride                                           


All Brides and Grooms are special, just the same as everybody that's ever used us. This bouquet was created for a very special Bride and Groom, we have been very lucky to have been chosen to make an appearance on the BBC 3 program Don't Tell the Bride to design the bouquet for the Bride and Groom.  Andrew and Amanda the program will be shown several times, the filming was for two and a half hours, as to how much it shows of us we will have to wait and see.


                                                      The Princess of Thailand   

A few years ago I was very lucky to have the opportunity to create a bouquet and other fantastic creations, for The Princess of Thailand on her visit to this country, an absolutely fantastic experience, a very big thank you to everyone that was involved that helped make this an amazing time for me.

I have decided to dedicated this site to the memory of my dear Dad, the very best my mum-in-law Joan, Rick and Ann Huxley, all very dear and special people to me,  many of you know some of them, they will be greatly missed by myself and our family's, they all loved to be involved in the shop, xx

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